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In 2011, Nanjing Shineking Biotechnology Co., Ltd joined hands with Nanjing Tech University in the establishment of Nanjing Shineking Biological Research and Development Center, with a high-level research and development team led by Professor Xu Hong, Jiangsu fermentation industry chief scientist, as the general director and Ouyang Pingkai, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, as the chief scientist. The center covers an area of 800 square meters, equipped with complete experimental apparatus and equipment necessary for biochemical engineering and agricultural engineering institutes, performance testing instruments for microbial culture, collection, fermentation and analysis, as well as sterile culture room and supporting facilities for physical culture, combined with basic microbial operating conditions including microplate reader, PE spectrophotometer, NBS fermentation tank, Agilent HPLC, centrifuge, microscope and super clean workshop.

With the goal of “strengthening platform construction, developing core technology, basing on optimized process, serving the production market, focusing on customer value, leading market demand”, Shineking has developed biotechnological products including γ-polyglutamic acid, ε-polylysine, R, R-2.3-butanediol and D-tagatose, optimized existing production technology and product quality, and accumulated strength for development in the long run.


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