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As the message of the new century, green life leads enterprises to develop green technology and clean production. As the need of the new century, green life encourages statesmen to shoulder the responsibility for human sustainable development. As the fashion of the new century, green life reflects one’s civilization and literacy and highlights a nation’s quality and strength as well.

Positioned as an environmentally-friendly enterprise specialized in polyamino acid biological fermentation, Nanjing Shineking Biotech Co., Ltd develops high-tech green polyamino acid products by means of environmental biological fermentation process. Polyglutamic acid, the fist product, has a significant effect on crops, improves fertilizer utilization by over 10%, reduces environmental pollution as a result of excessive fertilizer usage, promotes the retention of water and fertilizer, and improves soil physical and chemical properties. Polyglutamic acid products degrade into amino acid environmentally, causing no pollution to the environment. In view of the low utilization of fertilizer and irrigation water, severe erosion as well as soil degradation resulting from excessive development, polyglutamic acid products can bring about great social benefits and environmental benefits.

We have always adhered to the concept of green development, upheld environmental protection and maintained sustainable development. In each June, Shineking organizes green travel and green life activities taking advantage of World Environment Day. In practice, we promote thrift, regard returning to the society as our duty and take an active part in community public welfare activities. In 2014, we provide products for free for Nanjing urban greening, including tree transplantation and lawn plantation, which greatly improves the survival rate of high-temperature plant transplantation, reduces the use of chemical fertilizer and irrigation water, as well as does credit to the Green Youth Olympic Games.

Our products and services have also won recognition among customers. The high-level management enables Shineking to achieve leapfrog development, provide a number of jobs as well as make contributions to local harmony and economic development.

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ADD:3-1 XinJin Hu Road,Jiang Bei New District,NanJing City,China