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ε-polylysine (ε-PL) is a natural isomorphic polymer of lysine, composed of ε-amidogen and α-carboxyl of another lysine connected by peptide bond. Among all existing natural preservatives, ε-PL enjoys excellent antiseptic property and great commercial potential, known for a wide antibacterial spectrum, high safety performance, admirable thermostability and convenient use. By far, ε-PL has been applied to rice, box lunch, cake, household cooking, soy sauce, spice and vegetable washing liquid, etc. ε-PL obtained FDA license in 2003 and is expected of further development in the coming years. In addition, ε-PL is known for good water solubility, biodegradability, agreeable flavor and no harm to human body and the environment. ε-PL and its derivatives allow a wide range of applications including food preservative agent, emulsifier, dietary agent, biodegradable fiber, high-perfomance hydrogel, drug carrier, anticarcinogen and biochip coating.


Specifications: 0.1kg, 0.5kg, 1kg, 5kg, aluminum foil package, with personalized demand to be met.

Application in Food Industry

Currently, ε-PL is primarily applied in the food industry, especially in food preservation, emulsifier and nutrient due to the excellent performance.

In light of the antimicrobial property and high safety, ε-PL has been widely applied to all aspects of the food industry. In Japan, ε-PL is adopted for preservation of fast food, dairy product, pastry, sauce, beverage, wine, meat, seafood, sausage and poultry. For box lunch and non-staple food, ε-PL inhibits the proliferation of yeast, prevents stink and prolongs product shelf life.

Working together with glucose, ε-PL has been applied to dual-function emulsion and antibacterial agent.

ε-PL reduces fat absorption by inhibiting pancreatic lipase activity to prevent obesity.

Application in Biomedicine

In biomedicine, ε-PL is mainly used in drug carrier, endotoxin removal agent and biosensor.

It can work together with double-stranded RNA synthesized by polysome inosinic acid and polysome cytidylic acid to serve as endogenous interferon inducer.

It can work with anti-folic acid methotrexate or anticancer agents to treat aleukemic leukemia, sarcoma, new tumors and resist tinea alba germ.

Virus-free gene carrier.

Lipopolysaccharide endotoxin removal agent.

It inhibits and reduces cholesterol in serum and liver.

It immobilizes enzyme used for biosensors.

Application in Other Fields 

As an excellent product, ε-PL is also widely used in disinfectant, hydrogel, super absorbent materials, biological integrated circuit and bioelectronics.

Bacteriocidal substances from polylysine and citrus seed or peel have been used for cleaning of food, tableware and sanitary fittings.

When working with polylysine, hydrogel boasts of high water absorbability and sensitivity to water quantity, thus the wide application in agriculture, food and medicine.

Polylysine has been applied to device manufacture, including multiple sensor array, optical reading and writing disk as well as nanoscale circuit, with a promising application and market prospect.



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